Pr Abdelkader Hadj Sadok

University of Blida

Abdelkader Hadj Sadok was born in Khémis Meliana in 1964. He earned his bachelor's degree in physics from Houari Boumediene University of Science and Technology (USTHB) in 1987. He began working as a teacher/researcher at the University of Blida in 1988. He obtained a master's degree in fluid mechanics at the USTHB in 1993. He then worked on his thesis named " Etude rhéologique et physicochimique des systèmes à structure complexe à base de caséinate de sodium" and received his Ph.D. from the University of Blida in 2009. In June 2014, he was granted the ability to conduct research. He has been a Professor since July 2019. He has more than 30 scientific research articles, with over 400 citations.

Pr. Hadj Sadok has also served as a consultant at CRD Saidal (1994-2010), Biopharm since 2007, and Venus, Wanylab, SARL Alger Chimie, and laboratoires Groupe Santé since 2017, 2018, 2020, and 2021, respectively.


12h30 - 12h40


La rhéologieet le développement pharmaceutique

La rhéologieet le développement pharmaceutique